Social responsibility

Angel Gazi Communications works closely with local charity organizations in our communities.

We have committed ourselves , using our own resources and networks to raise awareness about the charity organizations who are doing the good work in our communities . 

The nature of our business allows us to speak to hundreds of people on a daily basis, marketing our quality products telephonically , because of the platform we have and coming from underprivileged communities ourselves we decided to include and help our communities .

Annually we select different local charity organisations who approach us to assist them, we take full financial responsibility in doing this , and we pledge a share of our profit on sales to our charities so they can continue doing the valuable work they do in our communities.

As a business we feel like we have a social responsibility to our communities and fortunately we have the platform to do that , and like they say , it takes a village so we can't do this on our own , If you know of any registered charity organizations in your community, you are more than welcome to refer them to our team for consideration. Thank you .

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